Engineering for humanity
April 28, 2019

Cities of the future will be built on big data to enhance the human experience

Engineer, architect and designer Carlo Ratti wants cities to be smarter so that we can live in them in new and better ways. Walls made of water, mobile phones that…
Dr Collette Burke, Victoria's first Chief Engineer Leadership and influence
April 26, 2019

Victoria’s first Chief Engineer shares her vision for the future of the state

With $10 billion of annual engineering projects in track, Victoria has created a new position to ensure impeccable advice and direction. Meet Victorian Chief Engineer Collette Burke. There is a…
Engineering for humanity
April 16, 2019

Agricultural robots will help farmers feed the world – and do it sustainably

Agricultural robots could address productivity and labour demands on farms, as well as help farmers operate more sustainably. Professor Salah Sukkarieh’s work at the University of Sydney’s world-leading Australian Centre…
Dr Collette Burke Leadership and influence
April 8, 2019

Victoria’s first Chief Engineer talks how to raise the profile of the industry

Victoria recently appointed Dr Collette Burke as its first Chief Engineer, a position that will help shape the state’s drive to modernise its infrastructure and make STEM an integral part…
Leadership and influence
April 5, 2019

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s plan to jumpstart Australian innovation

As both an engineer and entrepreneur, Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel knows how to make things happen. He brings to his new role energised leadership, a vision to support…

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